Professional Development

Staff are encouraged to continue to develop their professional and personal practices, ensuring that they are given the opportunity to consolidate any new learning. Chairo also deliberately aims to foster the skills, talents and aptitudes of staff within a supportive environment. This support is demonstrated in many ways, including the provision of suitable time and financial assistance.

Each staff member plays a valuable part in the life of Chairo Christian School. The school's professional development program contains a range of components that have been designed to enhance the personal and professional performance of the whole team. All staff members are encouraged to review the mission and vision statements of the school and then critically evaluate their roles within these guidelines.

Research confirms that the most significant factor in the education of children is the quality of teaching. Professional development for teachers is the most efficient way to deliver programs to teachers to ensure that their knowledge and skills are up-to-date in order to deliver best practice teaching across the school.

Chairo is actively supportive of opportunities for all staff members to develop both personally and professionally, and  recognises the value of building a vibrant learning community where everyone is encouraged to become a lifelong learner.

christian college

The National Institute for Christian Education is a postgraduate training institute for the cause of Christian education. The National Institute is committed to helping people to think, act, and teach in ways that take serious the public truth of the Christian gospel and its implications for all of life.