The curriculum at Chairo is delivered from a Christian perspective across all areas. While the curriculum covers all elements required by government regulations, learning is based on the premise that God is sovereign in all things. A Christian worldview is woven throughout each academic subject as well as in all other areas including sport, cultural activities, camps and excursions, and in mission and service programs.

Chairo teachers are trained specifically to present Christian perspectives in their areas of expertise. They strive to demonstrate a love of God through their daily lives beyond the classroom. Staff members meet each morning for devotions and prayer, with prayer being focused on the activities of the day and the needs of students and other community members.

Students also begin each day with a class devotion led by a teacher who has responsibility for their pastoral care. This structure encourages the development of relationships between students and teachers based on trust and mutual respect.

Our deep hope is that our students will become young men and women of character, capability and commitment. The Clay program is part of our approach to character training. It consists of 32 character qualities that are referred to in the Bible.

Personal Learning Devices

The use of technology in the classroom has increased significantly in recent years. At Chairo, we aim to develop young people who use technology with discernment, demonstrating capacity to make wise decisions regarding their technology use. As such, it is important that throughout their years at school, students are supported in their technology journey.

The Personal Learning Devices booklet provides information regarding the provision and use of devices at all levels of the school.