Past Students

We love staying in touch with past students and hearing news about their progress and achievements, whether related to study, careers, families, travel, ministry or service.

Some past students return from time-to-time to assist with camps and excursions, or to be guest speakers at events such as general meetings, valedictory dinners and student leadership breakfasts. Many have returned to Chairo as parents enrolling their children or as members of staff, while others are scattered far and wide in a diverse range of places, vocations and situations.

Each year, we hold ten-year and twenty-year reunions for graduated Year 12 students (or anyone who was part of the cohorts along the way) and these are always enjoyable and well-attended functions. We also have a Facebook group that alumni are able to join.

It's pleasing that many past students are happy to reflect on their time at Chairo and provide updates about their journeys in life. On occasions, information and quotes appear in advertising, various publications and on the website. A good example is the Providing Firm Foundation for the Future series of newspaper advertisements that ran in 2014.