Bushfire Plan

Should bushfires occur near Chairo campuses or in areas where Chairo families live, relevant information (including regarding campus closures and/or impacted bus routes) will be posted on Facebook and Linc News, and communicated via email and/or SMS.

Chairo has developed procedures (see link below), following consultation with various relevant agencies, in order to deal appropriately with the risk of bushfire.

The school will monitor the declared fire risk in our regions, and other areas where students may be present if off campus, based on the Fire Danger Rating Index. We will also receive notification from government sources of any declared risk levels of extreme or above.

On days declared as Catastrophic (Code Red), all Chairo campuses are likely to be closed due to their locations and the extent of the high risk areas that our buses travel through each day.

Bushfire Plan

Fire Danger Rating

The CFA's Fire Danger Rating tells you how dangerous a fire would be if one started. It helps you know when conditions are dangerous enough to put your bushfire survival plan into action. Ratings are forecast using Bureau of Meteorology data for up to four days in advance, based on weather and other environmental conditions such as fuel load.