Student Welfare

At Chairo, we believe that there is nothing more important than a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Therefore, each student is encouraged to explore the Bible and its implications for their thoughts and lives.

Welfare Chaplains

Our Welfare Chaplains are committed to supporting students who are struggling with life-issues. They are available to students—no matter what their beliefs—to talk confidentially and non-judgmentally about any difficulties or stresses that they are experiencing.

They aim to bring the love of God into the lives of students in a meaningful, comforting and encouraging way. They provide a listening ear and words of comfort when needed and offer support, direction and referral advice to students and families when appropriate.

Welfare Chaplains

Michelle Sharp
Head of Student Welfare

Shelley Hermens
Welfare Chaplain

Larissa Hipwell
Welfare Chaplain

Di McAllister
Welfare Chaplain
(Drouin East and Pakenham)

Mandy Smith
Welfare Chaplain

Peter Stebbins
Welfare Chaplain
(Drouin and Pakenham)