Reports and Policies

Annual reports provide an indication of the performance of the school in a wide range of areas, while policies and procedures play an important role in guiding what we do to ensure best practice and regulatory compliance.

Annual Reports

Chairo prepares two annual reports and makes these publicly available. The Annual Reports and Financial Statements booklet (Annual Report) contains reports from the Board Chairman and the Executive Principal, together with audited financial statements. The School Annual VRQA Report booklet (VRQA Report) covers information that the Victorian Registration & Qualifications Authority requires schools to submit annually and includes key reporting areas relating to school performance required by the Australian Government.

Annual Report 2018

VRQA Report 2017

Policies & Procedures

Written policies and procedures are helpful for communicating and directing what happens in the life of our school. Some policies are legal and/or regulatory requirements and you would expect to find them in any school, while others are Chairo-specific. In total, we have around 100 policies, as well as a range of related procedural documents.

Some Important Policies

There are links below to several important policies, while several others can also be found in the Enrolments section.

Privacy Policy
Child Safety Booklet
Democratic Principles Policy