Pakenham Year 12 Final Day

Tuesday 18 October was the final day of school for our forty-nine Year 12 students, some of whom commenced at Chairo in three-year-old Kinder and have therefore partnered with us for fifteen years.

To start their celebrations, the students spent the night at school for their last school camping experience. Waking bright and early for a breakfast of pancakes prepared by their teachers, the students set up all kinds of games and activities to entertain the rest of the school community.

Dressed in Disney-themed outfits, the Year 12 students provided face painting, balloon animals, colouring in, croquet, ball games and other carnival-style activities. Despite the wet conditions, it was a wonderful morning of fun and celebration.

Following the morning events, the graduating Class of 2016 was presented to the student body at a whole campus assembly. This was a wonderful opportunity for the students to reflect on their experiences at Chairo over the years, and to say thank you and goodbye to the school community.

Capping off a momentous day, the students attended their valedictory dinner in the evening with friends, staff members, parents and other family members. With over 200 people in attendance, it was a beautiful night at the Cardinia Cultural Centre and a fitting farewell to the Class of 2016.

We now continue to pray for them as they prepare for their final exams, and also pray that as they head out into the world they will understand that their identity is found in Christ.