The Board

Chairo is affiliated with CEN (Christian Education National). Each CEN school is governed by a Board of Directors, with Board members being elected by and from the full members of the school association.

Board members are Christian parents with children currently attending the school, because we believe that parents need to be actively involved in the education of their children. They act on behalf of the members of the school association in relation to their legal obligations (including financial), in much the same way that the board of a company operates, although Chairo’s Board members do so in a voluntary capacity.

The most critical task for the Board is to determine the vision and mission for the school. This provides a picture of the future and guides our strategic planning, measures existing programs, determines the basis for the appointment of staff, and generally shapes all that happens at Chairo.

Chairo’s Board members are very aware of the need to separate the strategic and goal-setting functions of leadership from the day-to-day operational aspects of the school. The Board therefore establishes policies that govern the operations of the school, which are then implemented by the Executive Principal, Business Manager and other members of Chairo’s executive leadership team.

Board members are well-informed about all areas of Chairo’s operations via information provided regularly by executive staff, other members of the Chairo community, and various committees. They take their responsibility very seriously to govern wisely and to make prayerful and informed decisions from a biblical and Christian worldview perspective.

Board members

Board elections are held at a general meeting in November each year, with Board members generally elected to serve three-year terms. Current Board members are as follows:

Jeff Calway, Chairman

Jeff is married to Merron and they have four sons and one daughter. He is the Director of Technology and Shared Services at World Vision Australia and attends Drouin Baptist Church. Jeff served on the Chairo Board from 2000 to 2006, and then returned again to serve on the Board from late 2009.

Peter Morison, Vice Chairman

Pete is married to Janita and they have two sons and a daughter. He is the Manager, Property at Melbourne Water and attends Community Church Warragul, where he is an elder. Pete served on the Chairo Board from 2012 to 2015, was co-opted again from early 2017, and then elected to serve from January 2018.

Louise Hood, Secretary

Louise is married to Karl (who previously served on the Chairo Board) and they have three daughters and one son. She attends Drouin Presbyterian Church and was elected to serve on the Chairo Board from January 2014.

Chris Dean, Treasurer

Chris is married to Julie and they have two sons. He is the pastor of Warragul Presbyterian Church and also works part-time as an optometrist. Chris was elected to serve on the Chairo Board from January 2012.

Robert Bruce, Board Member

Rob is married to Jemima and they have four daughters. He works as a Network Solutions Architect (IT) and attends Pakenham Christian Church. He was co-opted onto the Board in 2017 and then elected to serve from January 2018.

Mark Cutchie, Board Member

Mark is married to Sharon and they have two children, a son and a daughter. He currently works as a Paramedic for the Victorian Ambulance Service.  Prior to working as a paramedic he taught at Chairo. Mark attends Community Church Warragul and commenced serving on the Chairo Board at the start of 2011.

Kerrie Jackson, Board Member

Kerrie is married to Andrew and they have four sons. She is currently studying for her Master of Teaching and working part-time. Kerrie attends Warragul Presbyterian Church and commenced serving on the Chairo Board in 2017.

Allan Piening, Board Member

Allan is married to Susie and they have six children. He is a Leading Senior Constable with Victoria Police, attends Leongatha Presbyterian Church, and was elected to serve on the Chairo Board from January 2015.

Melissa Rumble, Board Member

Melissa is married to Daren and they have two sons and one daughter. She is actively involved in the life of the school in a range of ways, including as the convenor of prayer groups. Melissa attends Longwarry Baptist Church and was elected to serve on the Chairo Board from January 2013.

Brian Tucker, Board Member

Brian is married to Jenny and they have three daughters. He works as a project manager with AusNet Services and attends Community Church Warragul. Brian has been serving on the Chairo Board since 2009.

Simon Matthews, Executive Principal

Simon is married to Veronica and they have four sons. Having served previously as CEO of Christian Schools Tasmania and State Executive Officer of Christian Education National (Tasmania), Simon commenced at Chairo in 2017. He attends Drouin Baptist Church and serves as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Chairo Board.

Bryan Lewis, Business Manager

Bryan is married to Donna and they have two sons and one daughter. He came to Chairo from Western Australia when he was appointed as Business Manager in May 2004. Bryan attends Community Church Warragul and serves as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Chairo Board.

Statement of Rules

The Statement of Rules is the constitution of the Warragul and District Parent Controlled Christian School Association Incorporated, which operates Chairo Christian School. This document contains the association’s Purposes, Articles of Faith and other important information regarding how the association operates.

Statement of Rules

Governance at Chairo

As a large and complex independent school operated by a not-for-profit incorporated association, good governance is vitally important to us at Chairo Christian School. This booklet contains useful information about how Chairo is structured, who governs and how, and some ways in which members of the school community can contribute.

Governance at Chairo

Strategic Plan

Chairo has a model that guides our strategic planning. It seeks to emphasise our focus, clarify our context and identify our success factors. The Strategic Plan is set by the Board, contibuted to by the Executive Leadership Team, and communicxated to the whole school community.

Strategic Plan